Friday, June 10, 2011

Sea Turtle Rescued This Week

Loggerhead helped back into the Gulf by Share The Beach
volunteers. Note the transmitter that had been previously
 attached to her shell.
Sam Greene, a member of Compass Media's Sea Turtle Patrol Team, was present for a sea turtle rescue this week. Early on Tuesday morning, members of Alabama's Share The Beach sea turtle protection program discovered a large Loggerhead sea turtle on the beach. She had made a nest sometime during the night, but had become disoriented and could not find her way back to the water.

Sam was on the scene and took several great pictures as volunteers helped her back into the Gulf.

"She crawled a long way on the beach and over the dunes, Sam said, "but Mother and nest are just fine now thanks to Share the Beach."

Photo by Sam Greene 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Compass Media Sea Turtle Patrol: Turtle Tracks Found

Turtle Patrol Team Member Morgan Robinson
Morgan Robinson, a member of Compass Media's Sea Turtle Patrol Team, got to see her first turtle tracks early Thursday morning. As she finished walking her section of beach, she joined other Share the Beach volunteers who had just found the tracks east of Morgan's patrol area (pictured below).

"This was a false crawl," Morgan said, "But it was still exciting to see my first real tracks."

Sea turtles often check out more than one area of the beach before choosing their nesting sites. This one is expected to return somewhere nearby, and the Compass Media Turtle Patrol Team  hopes she chooses our section of the beach!

Barbara, the Share the Beach
volunteer who found the track,
with Everette, Section Leader
For comparison, the picture above shows Morgan (on left) standing in front of the track, while the picture on the right shows the track marked in yellow.

A better view of the track can be seen in the the photo to the right, showing Share the Beach volunteer Barbara standing with Section Leader Everette at the top of the track.

Stay tuned for more turtle news!